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We believe that unmanned technology will change the way we inspect and monitor industrial complexes and will provide a safer workspace and a cleaner environment.

We help our clients to achieve their compliance obligations by delivering high quality unmanned inspections in hazardous environments. In our view this means combining robotica and 3D technologies with sensor data to create new opportunities in remote monitoring and maintenance.

We believe passionately that a safe and healthy workplace benefits workers and businesses and their families and communities. It is this passion that brought our partners together.

We are determined to deliver the next generation technology, tools and services that your business needs to meet compliance goals. Together we will create a safer and cleaner workspace.

Over 60 years of experience

We are very familiair with the Process Industry. Our roots are founded right in this industry.

End to End Solution

With our roots right in the processing industry and long-term experience in robot technology and innovative software solutions, we provide end-to-end solutions from start to finish.

Safety and Good Compliance

Our full team is certified to work in the processing industry, on- and off shore. We know why safety matters.

Always on the outlook for better solutions

Innovation and creative engineering are our ambition and challenge. Our engineering teams take pride in developing new applications.

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UAV Inspections

We inspect oil pipes or other industrial environments by UAV's custom-designed for the job.

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UAS Inspections

We designed special UAS for every kind of environment for a safer workspace.

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ROV Inspections

On- and offshore, even deep sea our innovative ROV's can perform the most challenging inspections.

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R&D Development

We are always open to developing novel applications together with the client for highest impact and optimal safety.


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Unmanned Systems


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What Makes Us Different

R&D at the highest level

Innovation is our key driver, and our engineering teams aim to develop cutting edge inspection services in close collaboration with the client.

for every type of inspection

High risk environments, ATEX zones, hazardous environments, that's where Unmanned Inspections are at home.

Creative Solutions

Inspections at height in low visibility environments? We created a solution with 120 watt of LED light integrated with the UAV.

Industrial Inspections

The Processing Industry is our main client group: Chemical industry, on- or offshore, waste management, hazardous environments... We are your partner for high quality delivery of innovative services at maximum safety.

World first unmanned (oil) tank 3D inspection.

The Unmanned Inspections Group recently performed the world first 3D drone oil storage tank inspection, with high quality for a safer workspace.
After significant research and development, this successful project launches this new service to the global oil terminal industry.

The world-first took place in tank 911 operated by Odfjell in Rotterdam. Odfjell has requirements to visually inspect storage tanks for integrity, damage assessment and class certification. This type of inspection is usually conducted by rope access technicians (RAT), who are suspended on ropes to inspect the tank structure, focusing on areas of high stress such as stiffeners, brackets, bracing, webs and stringers.

One of Odfjell's main priorities was to reduce the human risk factors which are presented by rope access, which includes working at height for sustained periods of time as well as working in confined spaces. Using a UAV or drone, the storage tank inspection has significant saving potential per tank compared with the traditional method. In addition, the 3D modelling technique has the potential to allow full "fly by wire" inspections, where no human being has to enter the steel tank physically. This inspection technique can now be applied to all large steel tanks, onshore and offshore. Please contact us for more information and details.

Primary Services

  • 3D Inspections
  • High resolution Imagery
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability and safety assessment

We are Specialised in Unmanned Inspections

Clients Testimonials

  • Within Odfjell we had the wish to get a 3D model of the inner place of a steel oil tank. We only found one company who was able to do it. The results where magnificent! Good job guy's!
    Ron van Seeters RoNik EPC management B.V.
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Odfjell 3D Tank Inspection